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Sean Malto

Sean Malto spent some time skating and hanging out with the kids this summer at Woodward, PA.    We were lucky enough to pick his brain to see what his camp favorites are.  Check out what he had to say below.

VISITING PRO: Sean Maltoweek-6-7--30-of

SPONSORS: Girl, Etnies, Spitfire, Thunder, FourStar, Gatorade, and
Escapist Skateshop

Top 3:
Favorite obstacle to Skate/ Ride at Camp:

1. The Concrete Bowl
2. New Skate Plaza is pretty awesome
3. Mega Ramp

Favorite Things to do when not Skating at Camp:
1. Hot Tub
2. Basketball
3. Golf Carts

Best Camp Memories:
1. Dodge Ball is the most insane thing ever! All the kids try to kill each other
2. Watching Mikey Taylor skate that rail through the crowd was pretty sick.
3. Being undefeated in basketball! None of the kids could even come close to me, Mike Mo and Mikey T.

Best Video Sections: (Not your own)
1. Heath Kirchart in Mindfield
2. Mike Carroll in Modus Operadi
3. Ryan Pearce in the Escapist Video Fourteen Deep

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